This website is dedicated to the memory of our father Jose M. Floriano.  10/30/2007 is when we said our final goodbyes to the man we loved and cherished and loved to call husband, father and grandpa.

Este Website é dedicado à memória de nosso pai Jose M. Floriano.  10/30/2007 Dois anos atrás, hoje nós dissemos nosso adeus final ao homem que amou e

querido e amado para chamar o marido, pai e avô.

Please get to know who he was by clicking on http://www.floriano.com/pai.htm


Pictured Front Row L to R: Simon Floriano, Rosie Floriano, & Joey Floriano.

Back Row L to R: Danny Floriano, Teresa Floriano, & Joe Floriano.

Pictured Front Row L to R: Gabriel Floriano, Joey Floriano, Dominic Floriano, Jessica Nunes, Joe Floriano, Gabriel Floriano, Joey Floriano, Teresa Floriano, & Dominic Floriano.

Second Row L to R: Kelsey Floriano, Joe Floriano, Teresa Floriano, Jennafer Floriano, Darlene Floriano, Albert Nunes, & Rosie Nunes.

Third Row L to R: Katy Floriano, Simon Floriano, Vicky Floriano, Danny, Floriano, Ines Floriano, & Mike Floriano

Not Pictured: Steve Floriano,  Karie Floriano & Khloee Floriano


This Floriano family derived from the Acorés Islands of Portugal.  The islands name is Sáo Jorge.  The town they lived in is called Rosais.  There are other  names that come with this families Portuguese heritage as well, Barroso, Machado, Soares, Barbosa, Cunha, Maciel, Cabral and Pereira.  There are very few left on the Islands that are related to the Floriano Family to this date.  One such family is Gabriel and Ida Barbosa.  There is another extension of the family that live outside of the states and they live in Sáo Paulo, Brasil, who are also part of the Barbosa extension.  Most now have settled in the states on the West Coast, mostly in the Central Valley, a few in the Bay Area.  There are a few from the Pereira extension that live on the East Coast in Rhode Island.  To find out more of how this family tree falls together please click on any name above and it will tell you their story.  By the way there a few of us Americans in the mix as well.


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